I was born in Lima, Perú and grew up surrounded by the Arts. My mother, a fashion designer, and father, an antique dealer, always encouraged my creative side. When my family moved to Houston, Texas, I began to explore drawing and started developing the child-like characters that would later become known for. My teenage years were spent absorbing art, music and culture, and they became the foundations for the works I create today. After attending The Glassell School of Art in Houston I moved to New York to study photography at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. I currently split time between Houston, New York and Perú while managing my collection, Ali Rapp. 


Ali has been collaborating with Anna Sui since 2003 under the label, Ali Rapp for Anna Sui. No stranger to the runway, she was also featured during the Anna Sui's Fall 2008 and Spring 2013 show. The collaboration between the two designers has continued to be a success in the United States as well as Asia. Prior to the collaboration with Anna, Ali sold limited edition dolls and shirts at Patricia Fields, Hotel Venus and at the Vice store in New York. Recently Ali Rapp has received praise and accolades for her work with IKEA Houston in creating accessories exclusively using IKEA fabrics, for the wildly popular Museum of Fine Arts Houston/Mixed Media designed by IKEA parties. 

I’ve always been attracted to Ali’s adorable young-at-heart sensibility. Over the years, she has created for me the most charming totes, turbans, caplets, hoodies and dolls... all featuring her iconic naïve cartoon characters that everyone loves. It’s been a privilege and joy collaborating with her