meet the characters



Ali’s character is my way for me to depict myself through my designs. Ali is the leading lady of the group. Constantly creating, Ali’s mind is jumbled with ideas, designs and thoughts constantly. She loves playing tennis and finds her head turning at the sound of skateboards. She’s a little boy crazy but her fun spirit is contagious and creates feel good auras.



Lola’s fiery spirit is one like no other. One night you may find her dancing on tables and singing without a care in the world, a true party girl. On the other hand, with a firm belief in fate and following intuitions she also has a grounded holistic approach to life. Good vibes only. 



Elena embodies the spunky homebody. She has a love for knitting, cooking, and the chill carefree lifestyle. With her funky spirit and unique approach to fashion, she rebrands what it means to be comfy chic.